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Our customers love our pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, Omega-3 PGFO. In order to combat email harvesting bots we will not publish your email address unless you request it.

Capsules - We love your product, thank you!!!

Amatangelo Pasciuti

San Clemente CA, USA

I started using Omega 3 fish oil capsules to hopefully help ease the pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis as my stomach would no longer tolerate pain-killing, prescription medication. I started with 4 capsules per day and increased the dose over about a week until I was taking 16 capsules per day. At this dose I had no pain at all - amazing! I continued taking 16 per day for a week or so, then gradually reduced to 8 per day.and continued at that dose for several years. I have now been taking them for about 15 years and vary my dose according to how I feel. The last few of years I have needed much less less fish-oil and still remain pain-free. My son has also benefited greatly from fish oil and has been taking the capsules for 10 years. His father suffered from MS, which like RA is an auto-immune disorder and therefore my son was at a very high risk. It was VERY frightening when my he started to develop symptoms. He started taking the capsules at the same dose as I started off with and within 2 weeks he was symptom-free and felt on top form. He continues to take a low dose and remains healthy and strong. I would highly recommend this fish-oil to anyone who suffers from any condition that's of an inflammatory nature.

L. Lawson

Wales, U.K

Liquid Gold....We love this product!!! My Triglycerides went from 203 to 69.

Gayle Marie Lawson

Redlands, CA, USA

Hello Jenny, First of all, good to hear from you. I was concerned a little bit that the unusual hot weather may compromise freshness of Liquid Gold during shipping. So I order capsules for now temporarily until it cools down, then switch back to Liquid Gold. We are taking a lot more than recommended, so it goes fast. We've been taking (3 of us) 3 huge military mess hall tablespoons full each person every day. Now my daughter wants to join us. Let me tell you little story about my mother. She is 86 (born 1925) years old, and she was having heart problems a long time (2 strokes, 2 angioplasty, along with other heart related symptoms). We were on 24 hours standby for emergency for her. She was on Aspirin, Plavix, Lipitor, Atenolol, etc. for her lifetime, and was getting worse. We were convinced that my family just couldn't rely on her doctors. They didn't look ethically honest, as a matter of fact they looked like crooks. So we experimented doing 3 big tablespoons after lunch and another spoon after dinner for her and she stopped taking Aspirin and Plavix, because Omega-3 is a blood thinner anyway. She had problems with Aspirin. Guess what? About 6 months after taking Liquid Gold, her symptoms started disappearing, including bad asthma and shortness of breath and she said she felt good. The condition of her heart must have been improving. Can you believe she hasn't seen her heart doctor for a year and a half, amazing!! Before it was almost a weekly basis. We are so happy for her now and we are carefully watching all her conditions, so far so good a year and half. Thank you guys. Sang Lee FYI: Our Omega-3 Liquid Gold and also our Omega-3 PGFO capsules have been tested under laboratory conditions of 40 degrees Celsius with NO deterioration to our products. Regards, Anne-Marie

Sang Lee


It's now two years since I discovered your product. Previously I used a similar product but the results produced by your product are far superior. Now it become an integral part of my daily life and the results are visible not only by myself but all my contacts. Strengthening the immune system, hair and nails very healthy, youthful skin, as well as a natural tan without taking direct sunlight. A true miracle! The state of general well-being is total.

Maria Diletta


Hi, I want to thank you sincerely for your miracle fish oil pills. Yes, I said miraculous, because I had severe problems of triglycerides, had a value of 612 mg / DL after treatment with your pills (just a month) I tried to repeat the analysis, and triglycerides were reduced by more than 2 third. INCREDIBLE. Now the value of my triglyceride is 184 mg / DL. All this is documented and if you need my papers analytical, are available to provide it. I am really satisfied. If I had not really tried in person, there would never have believed it. Thank you very much !

Stefano Valenza


Dear Anne-Marie, My order is in transit. I'm really looking forward to receiving it. I ordered one bottle of capsules for when I have to travel this Fall and 11 bottles of Liquid Gold. I plan to take two teaspoons of the Liquid Gold, a day. Should I take it in divided doses for maximum efficacy, or is once a day ok? Please advise. SOME TIPS: You could put the 2 teaspoons into a shooter glass and drink it down like a shooter! My daughter gave my 2 1/2 year old grandson one-half teaspoon yesterday in a syringe. At first he didn't like it, then he started licking his lips and said "yummy, this is Grandma's fish oil". We sure have come a long way from the cod liver oil days. That is a good sign!! You can also mix the oil with a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and put on your salad. Mixing it in with a fruit smoothie will also work; however, the quickest way to take it is by simply swallowing it down... You can bite into citrus fruit before you take the liquid oil, or once you have swallowed the liquid, you will have a taste of mandarin orange in your mouth. Because our Omega-3 Liquid Gold is triglyceride (TG - natural), rather than ethyl esther (EE - ethyl esther), it is thicker in texture. I ensure that there is no fish oil on my lips by wiping with a napkin so I am not walking around smelling like a sardine. I then take a drink or bite into something and the taste is completely gone. If I get any oil on my hands, I wash immediately because you will start to smell it on your hands once it hits the air. This is because there is no gelatin capsule to protect the oil from oxidation. Also ensure that you are taking the fish oil with a meal, as the liquid will enter the bloodstream a lot faster, because your body does not have to breakdown the gelatin capsule first. It takes approximately 60 minutes for a capsule to dissolve. Well I know this is more than what you asked for, but it's just some tips I have found that work. Please let me know what you think of the Omega-3 Liquid Gold once you receive it. Anne-Marie

Sharyn Sisson

Arizona, U.S.

I have been taking your fish oil now for nearly 3 years and I can definately feel a difference in my joints. Your website is the best and I have created a blog to talk about it all. Hope you will visit when you have time. Wishing you the best Anne-Marie.



I have eat fish oil for about 1 months and my eyes feels more soft when i move them, no pain like before and i am happier, and my ear have start producing earwax?? more than before i dont know?

Håkan Oksanen


Hello Anne-Marie, I just wanted to say Thank you for your website and the easy access to purchase Pharmacy grade fish oils. They along with following many of the Zone principles have really helped me regain health. My blood work is looking great and I have lost 30 pounds. I also do not have the joint pain and stiffness that I was experiencing daily. I take 3 capsules daily after dinner and what a diference it has made. I have passed your website info on to others. Thanks again!!!

Paulette Trexler

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

Valintino Guxxi

Anne-Marie hi, I want to say thankyou. It is incredible to relate to someone who understands what you are trying to achieve. To receive feedback and positive help to change things.


At the young age of 64 years, I never considered that I would have to manage pain. To my surprise, one day I woke up with an excurciating pain in my left shoulder. it was very annoying and debilitating. I ended up taking a drug called Celebrex, Which I took for awhile. My blood pressure rose to a uncomfortable level that was alarming to me. My daughter Terri sugested I should try using fish oil to reduce the swelling. I tryed Cod Liver Oil and then Celadrin with little or no results. I thought I would be taking Celebrex for the rest of my life plus blood pressure pill. Terri was teaching me about Yumuna ball rolling, she was concern that my posture had been effected by my Osteoarthritis, she introduced me to OMEGA-3 PGFO; at that time I was still taking the Celebrex off and on,when I started taking OMEGA-3, pain reduction was noticed within a week, after 45 days I droped the Celebrex. I have renewed hopes that my future will remain pain free, by the way, my blood pressure is back to normal and I feel great! A year from now I'll rewrite my testimonial and describe my year with OMEGA-3. Thankyou

Robert Bennett

Nova Scotia, Canada

I would like to compliment you on the excellent, easily-readable, and well-laid-out information concerning the importance of a low-glycemic diet and the factors in food that are important for health. I am particularly impressed because, although you sell a product (I was on the IFOS web site and clicked a product link in an effort to find some reliable sources and product pricing), you have no commercial "spin" contained in this information. So many sites do that it turns me "off". I have recommended your web site to many on my email list whom I know are interested in nutrition (diet and/or life style changes recommended because of diabetes, weight control problems, cancer, stroke, heart disease, learning/attention disorders), and who do not have the necessary professional background knowledge to separate "hype" from reliable information! I know that your price for your supplement is well beyond what many citizens would be able to afford above the "necessities". No matter what may be "the best" program for any individual, each has to start with the food he eats to survive. And that is where you DO start on your site. People who come here will be informed, and in such a "non-pushy" way that I am sure they will feel a "sense of loyality" and come back to the site if they feel they want a fish oil supplement and can afford a quality product that clearly does not contain undesirable toxins! Kudos and the best of luck developing your business. PS I can hardly wait to try your fudge recipe!

Jean Gibson Collins


I have been using fish oil since Anne-Marie made it available, and have chronicled many times the improved quality of life I have enjoyed because of it. I also have talked eight friends and relatives into trying it. The results are as follows: Every one has told me that dry skin and cracked fingers are much better. Many have noticed more energy and pep. but calmer and less anxious. One friend (a guy about 40) had to cut back because he was getting too laid back and mellow for his frenetic life style. I have a grandson who is bi-polar and has been medicated with various drugs for years without much help. I was able to get him to try fish oil and he told that he felt more in control and happier than with any of the pharmaceuticals. Another friend who is a kidney transplant patient (age 56) and who recently survived being hit by a pickup truck (the driver lost control and came up on the sidewalk) but was badly injured, credits the fish oil for helping him heal up so fast. (he also follows a Zone like diet)


Upton, MA

This is the first time in my life where I noticed a direct benefit taking any kind of pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. Thank you for you low prices.


Calgary, Canada

Mental clarity and energy improvements can be attributed to PGFO.


New Zealand

I have been using PGFO since January this year. I've been taking different doses (always between 3 and 6 daily 1000mg caps) depending on how much stress I was having at work. I have to say though that the first week, when I rubbed my fingers against each other or my hands, I felt a strange sensation as if I was touching silk (It was very strange, because I have never had soft hands, but rather dry and rough). My bloodwork is also excellent! even though I'm taking a medication that is supposed to raise cholesterol (and I have therefore to control it every 2 months) my levels have improved! I attribute this to serious insulin control and PGFO. My father and the father of a friend also report an important sense of wellbeing and laybackness (does the word exist?)



"Improvements in my skin,a feeling of general well-being, plus more energy, plus more alertness and focus, are also things I've noticed. "


Oregon, USA

Using AMB Well oil, that is TG base, I feel better, more energy and above all more serenity, inner calm. I would like to thank Anne-Marie for her work!



Well I must say, cause I take an assortment of medications and pain killers for my assortment of medical problems, I rarely notice the effects of certain nutrients in my body good or bad. Well I did notice a change over the weekend when I stopped taking my fish oil capsules last week, (cause I ran out). My shipment arrived today and in the past few hours I don't feel as sluggish as I was starting to feel and my intelligience is coming back (slowly). Three cheers for the magic of this fish oil.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

My wife took 4 caps of AMB Well throughout her pregnancy (and currently) and we're blessed with the most miraculous 7 month old I could imagine. He's 95% in every category and about two to three months ahead of the activity/learning curve. We did taper off the fish oil in the last week just in case blood thinning was an issue. As soon as the 8 lb. 3 oz. baby arrived my wife was poppin' pills again. It also helped with post-partum complications, as she is an unmedicated manic depressive. My wife continues and will continue to take AMB fish oil throughout breast feeding and indefinitely. I'm a firm believer that PGFO is among the greatest things we can do for ourselves and our children.


Atlanta, Georgia