Welcome to the Zone

A-M B-Well’s mission is to deliver the Zone technology in an understandable and cost effective format. We aim to make high quality Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (tested and certified as to its purity and potency) available to all walks of life at the lowest possible prices.

From the Desk of Anne-Marie: I have always been involved in fitness and nutrition. In my school age years I was involved in modern jazz and tap dancing. In my high school years I was a cheerleader. For 13 years I taught dance aerobics and for several years I taught step aerobics. I am also an avid nature hiker. I am a life-time member of Weight Watchers. In May 2000 I learned about the Zone lifestyle and became one of the top posters on the Dr. Sears forums as well as the Zone forums.

In December, 2001 I was personally invited by Sears Labs to attend the first certification course for medical professionals. This course was personally taught by Dr. Sears and I was very honoured to attend as I was the only lay person at the course. As a result, I received my Sears/Zone certification in January 2002. I have also been supplementing with Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil since April, 2001 and have had amazing results with my cholesterol lipids.

The Zone course I attended coupled with my previous knowledge of nutrition and exercise provided me with the ability to lay out the Zone lifestyle in an easy to read format.

I would recommend that if you have not already done so to pick up a copy of "A Week in the Zone" written by Dr. Sears.

Quick Introduction to the Zone

The Zone is a lifestyle, not a diet. On the Zone you do not count calories as in Weight Watchers or Dr. Bernsteins. You simply control a hormone in your body called insulin. How do you control insulin?

Analogy of a Life in the Zone

The Zone is an eternal flame. When one is born, he or she is but a tiny flame in a fireplace. With nurturing one’s flame becomes a fire filling the fireplace.

How To Enter the Zone

The Zone is a state of optimal health achieved by treating food as a wonder drug. The Zone is based on the hormonal response to food, rather than the caloric response to food.